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Frequently Asked Questions!

What kind of people hire you?

Amazing people who likes my creative vision and trust my professional abilities to deliver good results.

What is your style and approach to wedding photography?

Contemporary. Its a mix of documentary styled wedding photojournalism and classy, romantic portraits. My style is constantly evolving and improving as I grow and progress in my journey as a visual artist. I like to think I am ~ Freestyle ~ and not be limited by any rules or opinions.

Do you do formal group portraits and the table to table shots during reception (ala Chinese weddings)?

Yes, from the family group photos, to the bridal party and entourage, to the Chinese wedding banquet table shots, to any grip-and-grin group photos of your guests and buddies. I sometimes have an associate photographer do the majority these shots so that I concentrate on capturing the candid moments and emotions around. We try to keep group formals and table shots  fast and relaxed.

Can our guests take photos during our wedding?

Absolutely.  Guest taking pictures among themselves is totally fine and everyone should enjoy photography and bring back some memories. As long as they do not obstruct my work, especially during important wedding processionals or ceremonies, and as long as they do not interrupt the formal portraiture and group photo sessions, its totally fine with me!

Can my friend/ relative act as an additional photographer for my wedding day?

I am very sorry, but no.  There is an Exclusivity condition in our contract which we have to agree on.

If my package includes a second associate photographer, who edits the pictures taken by your associate photographers?

All major editing and post production work is done by me and delivered together as a final product. Associate photographers who does edit on their own would be following my pre-briefed requirements.

Do you take bookings for just a segment of the wedding, ie just the morning event or just the evening reception event, etc.

I prefer to take bookings for full day weddings only. If you do require just a segment of the wedding to be covered by a professional photographer, I can refer an associate for your needs.

How soon can we expect for the pictures to be ready?

Expect about 2 to 3 months turnover as the pictures goes through the editing and post production process. During peak seasons, it might take slightly longer.

Do you edit the pictures?

Yes and this is an elaborate three-part process.

First is a selection process which decides which photos goes into the post production queue and which are rejects. The rejects are commonly the test shots, out takes, accidental shots of my foot, pictures where people blinked, unflattering expressions, technical errors, etc.

Then the pictures that passed QC are individually checked and adjusted for color and tonality. Pictures with good potential receives more attention and may be further enhanced. Usually these are the portraits and meaningful moments of the wedding day.

Finally, once I am satisfied with the quality, I let the images sit for a few days before returning to examine them again.  This time round with fresher and clearer mind, I then do another round of edit, to ensure I did not make mistakes or bad decisions during the initial round and to see how I can further improve the final product. Images with bad expressions or images that dilutes the wedding story are edited out, images that accents the emotions and beauty of the wedding are strategically arranged.

A blog post might be featured and I am ready to deliver. Album creation process, if any, will begin with my assigned designer.

What’s the amount of black and white pictures that we should expect?

Generally a good mix of both color and B/W pictures. Formal and group pictures will mostly be in color, candids and emotional moments are sometimes better expressed in black and white. Cultural weddings are often colorful and thus colors would often be a better choice, some times romantic portraits look more elegant and timeless in black and white too.

How many pictures do we get?

Value of photography is not determined by number of photos. I strive for quality over quantity and variety over monotony. In the digital age is so easy to machine-gun 1000 pictures just to fulfill a promise of number, but much harder to produce 100 good pictures in comparison. I do not commit to any numbers because doing that restricts creative freedom. You can be assured that I am not an extremist who gives unreasonably low or irresponsibly high numbers of photos.

As a general idea for a 10 hour wedding, I had delivered anywhere from around  600++ images, to 1000++ images, it could be lesser, or it could be more, so it really depends upon the dynamics of each individual wedding.

Who owns the pictures?

You will receive permanent full and unlimited license for personal usage, so long as it is non-commercial.  I will own the copyrights for the images, which includes rights to use them for self promotion, portfolio, blogs and editorials, etc.

A similar example would be that Microsoft owns the MS Office program, end users who purchased the software owns the license to use.

Do you provide album and print services?

Yes, please view some samples here.

How does payment and booking process goes?
A signed agreement and a 50% retainer fee books the date.  The remaining 50% is due two weeks before the wedding date. Payments are required to be fully made before the wedding date. *Enjoy a $200 discount if full payment is made at time of agreement signing! *Please enquire for discount details.

What mode of payment do you accept?

Cash, bank transfers, cheques, cashier’s order, or for overseas clients, paypal plus three percent.

Would you travel overseas for assignments? Whats the surcharge like?

Yes.  The charges are the same plus expenditures, which includes expenses like reasonable lodging and food, travel and insurance. Please contact me for a custom quote.