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Assistants’ Pre-Briefing

Singapore Wedding Photography Assistant

JOBSCOPE Part 1: Logistic Management

Carry, transport and care of equipment for the photographer is the Assistant’s main responsibility so that Photographer is free to shoot and will not be physically taxed. Follow the Photographer closely so as to ensure Photographer have ready access to equipment whenever and wherever needed.  Ensure nothing get lost or damaged due to theft, misplacement, or bad weather. Umbrellas and rain covers for bags will be packed. Do not meddle with the Photographer’s equipment settings.

JOBSCOPE Part 2 – Lighting Assistance

Assist the photographer in setting up and adjusting lighting equipment.
Be the test subject for exposures and compositions.
Photographer will brief this part in details if needed.


Punctuality is top of the list.
Be polite and patient with the clients, other vendors and wedding guests.


Dress appropriately for the event, look and smell pleasant.
Avoid clothings that are colorful, or with words or loud designs on it.
Dark colors are good, ie blacks, greys, navy blues.Comfortable and presentable footwear.
Do not bring excessive items as you will be carrying lots of equipment.


Terms is Cash On Delivery at end of the day, or day after.
Any Ang Baos you received for yourself, is yours to keep.