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About Me

Singapore Wedding Photographer

I am Anton Chia and I am a dreamer.

Imagine this – what I would love to do on a lazy afternoon; will be reading a book binded in crinkled old leather, room window by my side, golden rays of the sun filtering through the grilles, casting shadows, and dust particles dancing in the air. The music will be Air Supply, or maybe Jacky Cheung. The room will smell like an old library, and I will scent it with vanilla. The coffee will be rich, and the cookies buttered. This –  is my world.

I love sentimental love songs from the 90s. I like old clocks and watches. Paper books over iPads. Vintage cameras and lighters. I adore things old and nostalgic.

My favorite girl-movies are Maid In Manhattan (despite all the poor reviews) and Confessions of a Shopaholic (The Girl in the Green Scarf). My favorite guy-films centers around 金庸武侠小说, knights and dragons and the fantasy world.

I photograph weddings.

Maybe I’ll get to photograph yours.


International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers

I am an awarded member of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.